Be Grounded!!

I saw a beautiful black spotted butterfly flying freely and happily in the park while roaming in the garden on a beautiful refreshing day. As I continued to watch it, I saw that it hopped on few flowers, touched few others and ignored the rest and went on.

Somehow the human behaviour analyst in me arose and I related their behaviour with the omnipresent human tendencies. And I thought, Isn’t it true that some people become inevitable part of our lives, some others only inspire us and some get ignored.

And how after few years we regret about ignoring those souls who could have made a difference to our lives. And when we realize that, we get to know that we have already lost the limelight in their lives and they have moved on.

Well at that moment a thought came into my mind which wanted to say these to the pretty butterfly – “please do not ignore the rest of the flowers, they require your attention now. If you are not humble to them today, they will not allow you to be a part of their blossom in coming years…because butterflies are in abundance but that one flower unfurled is rare.”

Let’s make a difference to each life we meet this year and many more years to come. Let’s not focus only on the sparkling water because it is actually the sand that makes you grounded in the rough seas.


I and the Bai :)

The omnipresent ‘middle-class’ Indians like me worship this frame of flesh and bones more religiously than the divinely ubiquitous one. She epitomizes Krishna and we are like Arjuna in the war field called ‘Home chores’ wanting few more minutes of her saarathi-ness. Her magnanimous presence for 30 minutes is like you just finished the last gulp of the very tasty and mesmerizing Thayir Sadam (Curd Rice), after having a sumptuous Punjabi meal. She is the effervescent and the most inevitable part of our lives- The Bai (Housemaid).

That vibrant arrival of her through the society gate makes the ladies club of the society go cheering and their eyes sparkling with contentment, emoting ‘Haaash thank god Bai aa gayi’. Her energy and dedication towards her commitment is unbeatable. This can be experienced through the rattling sound of utensils while being flushed with stormy stream of water, causing your water tank go in a borderline drought-ridden state in such a manner, that even the society pump man would look at you like a convict. The swift touch-me-not sweep through so called corners of the home which honestly does not exist for these spinners, leading to abet a pile of dust camping secretly behind the almira, reassure us saying ‘do not worry, Diwali is yet to come‘. And her exit with the huge thud on the door proclaiming ‘Come back to reality Madam, the house is all yours and so the rest of the chores’, questions your personal capability and your pay scale thereby nearly traumatizing you with a much bigger question than why kattappa killed bahubali which is ‘why on earth can’t I afford to keep her with me 24X7?

The life runs for a cover in ICU when the Bai politely announces ‘Madam, main kal nahi aayegi…Ram Navami ka chutti hai‘. This sweet announcement of hers not only raises your bhakti level for the 33 cr gods and goddesses, but also makes one realize that tomorrow is the D- day when suddenly all your near, dear and no where ones would be turning up and to make things more worse you would be expected to take ashtabhuja avatar. Some how regathering yourself, you humbly ask for the name, place, animal, thing of the cultural roots of your bai just to make sure she is entitled for this optional holiday as per the contract and if it turns out to be in her favor, one can watch the most accomplished ladies kneeling down in front of this god’s gift pleading for some daya and some karuna hoping the goddess would make her wish come true…

The scene is pristinely prevalent with full on melodramatic effect if you are in Metro Cities where you can find shrines at every nook and corner, but having the same Bai is no less than getting the extra squeezed toothpaste back into the tube. Thank God, I could manage to get mine in place just in time…😋

“Be determined and have hope”

I will fail‘ or ‘I am gonna make it‘ are the two metaphors which define the fate of a ‘Turning point’. The turning point can be anything a moment, an action, a relationship, a word or sometimes the golden silence itself. However if one possesses the jewels of ‘Determination’ and ‘Hope’ then one can easily sail through these curves on the tour called life. This reminds me of a story which my grandpa had once narrated to me.

Once upon a time there was a girl, born and brought up in a small village. Her parents worked in the mines but were high-spirited who wanted the best for their child. The girl grew up living in the village and seeing her parents toil to make ends meet, which sometimes made her question herself if ever they would be able to lead a better life. As the time flew and the girl turned 15, her parents thought she should get better education and for that needs to be sent to a school which was located in the city pretty far from the village. With this they were also in a dilemma as they seldom were able to meet their ends in daily routine and were puzzled if this dream can be fulfilled keeping in mind the situation. However, after careful planning and advise from the village head, they could manage to fetch an admission for their daughter and soon the day had come when the girl was to leave for her new school.

As she was gathering her things along with her mom so as to have a comfortable journey, she anxiously asked her mother about the new school, how it will be, why it is said to be the best school, what if everyone there hated her and so on. Perceiving the child’s anxiety, mother replied the most simplest yet a thoughtful answer :”Just be determined and have hope rest leave to destiny and you can feel the magic.” Next day, the girl and her father reached the school.

The school was no less than what Harry Potter films depicted. It had nice colorful garden with landscapes, umpteen number of swings and a large play area. Few marble stone staircases lead to a massive building which was the ‘Academic section’. Adjacent to it was an igloo shaped structure bearing name ‘Library’. The girl was awestruck with the beauty of the school when suddenly she remembered her home in the village and her life there. This remembrance spooked her with the thought that probably her parents have asked for too much and might not be able to keep her here and if this happens, the most disappointed and hurt would be her parents. However she was scared to share her thoughts with her father thinking she might end up disrespecting his decision.  Hence without further thinking about the outcome, she recalled what her mother had advised her before leaving home. This made the girl recollect her courage and after the initial formalities at the registration desk, she was asked to join other new entrants at the assembly hall since Dean was to address the kids soon with a welcome speech.

After exchanging pleasantries and orienting about the school, the Dean asked a question to the students “Why did you or your parents chose you to join this school and what the students thought of this decision??” The Dean also explained to the students that the answer which they are going to give now would shape their lives which is yet to be explored.

Soon the answers started rolling in, some of them were the most intellect while others were still too naive. By the time the girl’s chance came, she was dumbstruck and had forgotten what she thought of as would be her answer. Recollecting herself the girl submissively answered “Sir, I am sorry I forgot the answer which I had prepared few moments ago for the question which you have asked“. On hearing this, the Dean understood that the child is now petrified and might lose her confidence if not motivated. So, he told her to just prepare another answer and speak out the same once ready. Happy to see such an understanding and supportive Dean, she heaped herself and waited for her turn again. Now as her turn arrived to answer, she said “Sir, my parents have dreamt of me joining this school as this is considered to be the best for secondary education. And I consider this to be a ‘turning point’ in my life , since my parents have mortgaged every other dream of theirs only to fulfill this one which I know will be an arduous one for them” and further explained why she thought so.

Prudently analyzing the answer, the Dean asked her to explain how is she going to sustain herself here and make her parent’s dream come true? To this the girl responded “I will nourish my determination and hope along with hard work everyday come what may and leave the rest to destiny and I believe this will help me to make my parents dreams come true.”

Yes, isn’t it so true that each moment which we spend , every action we take, each word we speak, every relationship we have, every promise which we make and the life which we live provides us with our turning point(s) to consider it as either an opportunity or a disappointment.

The choice is ours as to whether we want to hang on there with our hard work, determination and hope, so that we can cherish and relish it saying “yes we have made it” or we can always sit back and whine about it feeling “oh lord, I failed”. Choose your option wisely and see the magic…

Who?? LIFE…Lost and not found

George Bernard says “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

And the first step towards creating a life that is effervescent and inevitable is to be in ‘Discipline’. Having said that, when it comes to being disciplined, why do we run to create a stereotypical routine all of a sudden, instead of first analyzing our strengths, talent, interests and then creating a plan for working on them with full force so that our weaknesses reticently go off the pavilion.

For kids in the 21st century, being disciplined means: Home-School-Home-Tuition-Home-Extra classes-Home and the vicious circle continues till the age you are working and retires once your expiry date is over.

And if you are a true Sagittarian like me, then no rules, regulations or routine can make you disciplined unless you have military associations saying ‘Good Morning‘ in their heavy mettle voice sounding like ‘Savdhaan (Attention!)‘, that would jolt even the meekest corpse from his hibernation and make him stand upright without even letting him think twice, that these instructions are for the mortals like me….In my case it never used to work.

I remember my school days in 90’s used to start with a ‘15 minutes morning raga‘ sung by my mom asking me to get up and get ready to give darshan to my school bus and eventually to the school and classroom. Honestly any one else would have succumbed listening to those hymns in the morning that were chanted right into my ear without variation in tone  or ragas just to make sure me and my elder sister catch the bus on time. Amidst all these mess, sometimes the poor elder sister (hawk eyed special agent service of my parents on special duty of keeping an eye on me in school) also had to go through admonishment for being partner in crime called ‘Being Late to school’.

Once we were back from school, the clearly laid down plan used to be something like this: Keep shoes properly at the shoe rack, place the bag in side cupboard, wash your hand and the apple (which I had tried to swiftly sweep off thinking my mother did not notice), have food, sleep for some time, do home work and study the next portion, then at 5 pm we used to be shooed out of home for playing so that mom could make some nice dinner, and once it was done, the akaashvani (Mum’s Voice) screaming ‘Ghar aajao khana khaa lo‘, and this used to be at the most crucial moment when we used to coincidentally have a lead in the game. That moment used to appear as if the world has come down crashing suddenly and the spy inside me wanted to investigate if mom has invested in match fixing.

With the digitization, competition and concreting of open spaces, kids no more have access to such a subtle and sober life and this has made the duties of parents more tough and now they have both work pressure as well as home pressure along with blood pressure.

Well, whenever i roll down the memory lane to our school days, could find that there was discipline and a flexible routine to make sure we as kids explore our interests, talent and strengths. There was hope, belief, liveliness and most importantly….LIFE…and yes no one used to say us ‘Go get a life‘… 😛


My First Blog

Writing that too with my Handwriting ending up re-Writing is something which has been associated with me since I was a Kinder-gardener…mind you in a sarcastic way 😛

So why I chose to blog…Secret is, it does not require ‘Hand writing’… and hence with the technological enhancement and thanks to globalization and innovations happening across the globe, people around me are now empowered to read in one go as to what I have to say…and my favorite old magnifying glass has unfortunately lost its charm..

Having said that, on a serious note I always had this flair for writing short travel stories, experiences, about life and beyond. So what could be any other medium than a blog to fulfill this passion of mine?

Stay tuned in to ‘tourcalledlife’ for more….